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Monday , March 24 , 2014
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Where have all the hang bins gone?

It is like a complex whodunnit that Ranchiís civic sleuths havenít been able to crack so far.

More than 400 hanging and colour-coded waste collection bins, installed across the city over a span of two years by an outsourced agency to check littering in public places, have suddenly vanished to cast the capital back to its reeking days of garbage grievances.

Worse, the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) is clueless on what it must do to stem the stinking situation.

According to sources, the RMC had entrusted cleaning agency A2Z Waste Management Private Limited with the dustbin job. It took the work seriously and did its bit. However, in December last year, the agency fell out with RMC bosses. And poof, in three months the dustbins were gone too.

With the disposal baskets missing, solid waste management has taken a back seat across capital. The forthcoming Lok Sabha polls has dealt another blow to urban living as the RMC is too busy to concentrate on garbage gripes.

In Morabadi, hanging bins had been placed at Divyyan More on Tagore Road, Kusum Vihar and at the Reliance Fresh outlet among other locations. Today, not a single can be seen anywhere in this area.

A Divyyan More resident claimed two bins were broken by local hoodlums and the rest were stolen. ďIn over two weeks now, I havenít seen a single bin anywhere in the locality. Some people said rogues broke a few in drunken stupor. The rest have been stolen,Ē said S.K. Sinha.

He added that the area had become an olfactory challenge for residents and mosquitoes were multiplying by the day.

Mounds of unattended garbage outside a government school and clogged drains echoed Sinha.

Like Morabadiís missing bins, the couple of disposal buckets placed outside Plaza Cinema on HB Road are nowhere to be found. A few others placed opposite the Astroturf Hockey Stadium were not seen on Sunday either.

Made of hardened plastic, these special bins do have value in the scrap market.

According to Md Asim, a scrap dealer in Kutchery, good plastic fetches anything between Rs 50 and Rs 100 depending on the size. ďThe iron handles of the dustbins too can earn some quick bucks,Ē Asim said, but quickly added that no one had come to sell anything of that sort at his store.

RMC public relations officer Naresh Sinha claimed some dustbins gave away and were replaced with new ones a couple of months ago. ďHowever, we donít have any report of missing bins. I will get a survey done tomorrow (Monday),Ē he added.

Have you seen any of RMCís hanging bins in recent times?


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