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Saturday , March 22 , 2014
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Aamir denies leaning on ladies to sell flats

Mumbai, March 21: Actor Aamir Khan today denied pressuring any resident of a housing society in Bandra to sell their flats to him so that the complex could be demolished and “redeveloped” to make room for a bungalow for him.

Pamela D’sa, 87, and daughter Dr Geneve D’sa, 50, had complained to the civic authorities last week about being pressured by the society’s managing committee to consent to the redevelopment scheme suggested by Aamir.

Under the plan, the actor would buy a 20,000sqft plot — 60 per cent of the Virgo Co-operative Housing Society’s total area in upscale Pali Hill — to build a bungalow for himself. Apartments would come up on the rest of the land for the other residents.

Aamir owns three flats in the complex but now lives in another society at Carter Road in Bandra.

“We would like to clarify on behalf of our client Mr Aamir Khan that he denies all allegations regarding him putting any pressure on his society to go in for redevelopment,” a statement by public relations agency Spice PR said this evening.

“ůMr Khan left the building more than a year ago, after an incident of a slab of concrete falling on the head of one of the members, resulting in his being hospitalised.”

It added: “Thereafter, over the months, in his absence, the society had several meetings and discussion regarding redevelopment. The general body eventually passed a resolution with 80 per cent majority members voting in favour of redevelopment.”

The statement went on: “Thereafter, the society made a request in writing to Mr Khan to make an offer. Mr Khan gave the matter due thought and made an offer. In his offer letter, he also suggested to the society to invite other offers to ensure best value for the society and its members. Mr Khan strongly denies any allegations of pressure tactics or misconduct on his part and takes strong exception to attempts being made to defame him.

The complex has two four-storey buildings, Marina Apartments and Bella Vista, with 12 flats each. Aamir owns two flats in Marina and one in Bella Vista; Pamela D’sa owns two flats in Marina and her daughter owns two garages in Bella Vista.

Aamir had moved a proposal for redevelopment in December 2011 and offered a rate of Rs 70,000 per sqft to those wishing to sell, media reports have said.

In December 2013, the society held a general body meeting to take a consent vote. According to the society, 18 of the 23 members voted in favour of the redevelopment plan while five, including the D’sa family, voted against.

However, the D’sas allege that only 14 members were present at the meeting contrary to the 75 per cent quorum required by the norms for redevelopment, and that the rest sent their consent in sealed envelopes.

H.M. Patil, deputy registrar of co-operative societies for the local ward, said he had sought a reply from the society’s managing committee. A hearing has been scheduled on April 15.