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Friday , March 21 , 2014
Salt Lake

His last resting place

When Harleen Sabbrawal’s Labrador Julie died last month, she had to turn to her gardener to deal with her remains. “I didn’t know what to do with her body. Our gardener came forward to help us. He must have buried her in an empty pl...  | Read.. 
A few of my favourite things
There’s no substitute for playing with my family but Pinku has to go to school and his parents to office ...  | Read.. 
Me & my pet
One day Pongo came up to Aditya Nandi and gave him a wet lick. Wait, make that a wet, blue lick. “Pongo’s tongue ...  | Read.. 
Mondal to contest from Andamans, Dutta party observer for Tripura
Two councillors of Salt Lake have been missing in action for a while. In case residents of Ward 4 and Ward 6 have been wonder ...  | Read.. 
Many shades of Holi
This year FE Block made an effort to bring together residents of all communities for a combined spring festival. ...  | Read.. 
GC Block girl wins tennis tournament
Amrita Mukherjee, daughter of a cricketer mother and an archery administrator father, won her first major tennis tournament o ...  | Read.. 
Day of song & dance
Karunamoyee-based Geetam Academy of Music and Dance presented their annual programme at Rabindra Okakura Bhavan recently. ...  | Read.. 
His last resting place