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Friday , March 21 , 2014

Universal pleasure

Light relief for me yesterday from wall-to-wall coverage of Vladimir Putin’s narcissistic megalomania and the fears it engenders in us all; from the latest updates on theories about Flight MH370, however much we may enjoy the mystery, notwithstanding our back-of-the-mind guilt over desperate ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Safety kit
Sir — One must pay heed to Ashok V. Desai’s advice and save enough money “to survive without a job” ...  | Read.. 
Crippled force
Sir — S.L. Rao’s article, “Misuse of power and the subversion of order” (March 18), underlines the ...  | Read.. 


The Telegraph is sad but also proud to doff its cap to Khushwant Singh, who died yesterday, one year short of his ...   | Read..


In India, old politicians hate to fade away. In their desperate attempts to stay on, though, they often offer rather ...   | Read..
As The Drama Unfolds
The announcement of candidates for the Lok Sabha polls, 2014, is being made by all the political parties in bits and bobs ...  | Read.. 
Let all of life be an unfettered howl. Like the crowd greeting the gladiator. Don’t stop to think, don’t interrupt the scream, exhale, release life’s rapture. — VLADIMIR NABOKOV
The sea of time
With gravitational waves from the beginning of Time caught on a telescope a...  | Read.. 
Precious freedom
Threescore and Fifteen: The Story of the Indian Newspaper Society ...  | Read.. 
A world closer to dreams and phantoms
The Occult By Naiyer Masud, Penguin, Rs 399...  | Read.. 
Paperback Picking
Sharp young sleuths