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Friday , March 14 , 2014

A change for the better

Hyperbolic scare-mongering is an essential part of election campaigns throughout the democratic world. Political parties and rival candidates are prone to paint exaggerated, caricatured images of their opponents in the belief that fear will motivate voters into voting against something, if not for ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
All at sea
Sir — A lot has been said about the state of India’s defence preparedness in the past few weeks ...  | Read.. 


no Bengali politician, since the passing of Chittaranjan Das, has ever enjoyed a position of influence in national politics....   | Read..


Maoists may be down, but not quite out. Their latest strike in Chhattisgarh proves this yet again. All available data indicat...   | Read..
Down the drain
Blackmail, mediocrity in thought and action and other negative realities and human shortcomings such as greed and malice ...  | Read.. 
But this is the rule, and there is no way to free oneself of it: as soon as the thought has arisen, it must be followed to the very end. — MAURICE BLANCHOT
Fruitful and enriching
The king’s pictures: the formation and dispersal of the collections of ...  | Read.. 
Nancy & Joe
In 1964 — the year after the 21-year-old Joe Brainard moved to New York ...  | Read.. 
New ways of the world
It is hard to say how healthy conventional book trade is today compared to ...  | Read.. 
Paperback Picking
What lies behind the sweet notes