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Friday , March 14 , 2014

Unholy colours

The festival of colours round the corner not just heralds the arrival of spring but also spawns a lot of skin diseases if one is not careful while playing with colours. Harmful chemicals, like tar, barium are rampantly mixed with colours and that are...  | Read.. 
Holi colours of sweets
A dash of pink, a splash of green, a coat of yellow and a dab of purple. The colours of Holi have splashed on to the counters ...  | Read.. 
A lit club of Howrah
They come from all walks of life. Some are teachers or professors, some managers in the corporate sector or government employ ...  | Read.. 
From dancing to singing and now acting
Seventeen year old Tamasha Chakraborty is a dancer-turned-singer-turned actress, who handles all her hobbies and her studies ...  | Read.. 
A club for the men behind the lens
A group of seven friends, who shared an interest in photography, thought of starting a photography club in Howrah. Little did ...  | Read.. 
HMC holds up traffic to clear trash
Garbage from the vats in Howrah is cleared during busy office hours holding up traffic and citizens. It not just creates jams ...  | Read.. 
Math fair
Belur Math premises was chock-a-block on March 9 as visitors thronged the one-day fair observing Ramakrishna Paramhan-sadev&# ...  | Read.. 
Piles of colours being sold from makeshift stalls in Howrah town and suburbs