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India extends search for Malaysian plane up to its east coast after request from Kuala Lumpur

New Delhi, March 14: India has extended the search for the Malaysia Airlines plane missing for nearly a week to the entire eastern coast following a request from the Malaysian government on Friday.

On Thursday, India’s Navy and Coast Guard had launched a search and rescue operation or SAR for the missing Boeing 777-200ER in the Andaman Sea after a request from Malaysia, following indications that the plane, headed for Beijing, could have turned west towards the Andaman Sea and even the Indian Ocean, after it went missing.

Meanwhile, US officials helping in efforts to locate the plane said in Washington that they are shifting their search to the Indian Ocean region.

The move to expand the search to the Indian Ocean came after the US' defence and aviation experts said that there was a significant probability of the plane to be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.