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Friday , March 14 , 2014

My Take

Life is a story

Life is a story. Life is short, don't waste it,

Itís like a flavour, just taste it,

It will give chances to shine and glow.

With time and throw,

As slow and steady wins the race, Looking beyond what one can do, And ignoring the flaw,

Improving yourself is what you can do, Because there are people better than you,

Lost in your fears, loving the loud, Ignoring the low, running for charms, Worrying for charms.

Yet its for once attraction and which departs,

But itís your qualities that never depart,

What departs is fear of life,

Lending you the confidence to stand still and fly high,

Strugling for the success in whatever you do,

Proving yourself to right for all wrong you see,

Life is beyond imperfections,

Itís just you have to learn to see it...

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