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Tuesday , March 11 , 2014
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Snatchers caught, only on camera

The police have CCTV footage showing those involved in a series of recent chain snatching incidents but have not been able to make any arrests yet.

However, the police have a theory or two to explain the sudden surge in snatching incidents.

“Though not much can be disclosed at the moment, there seem to be two theories related to recent incidents of snatching. The first is a gang arrested for snatching incidents might have returned to business as usual after getting bail. Many a time, the police, while investigating a sudden rise in crime, found it was linked to some gang members being released from jail. The second theory suggests a new gang has come up. The incidents of gold chain-snatching in the past three days suggest a chain-snatching gang has become active again,” a police officer told The Telegraph on Monday.

Those investigating the snatching incident in Rupaspur area on Sunday claim they were close to cracking it. “The police have come to know of a gang that comes to Patna, commits crime and flees. They are from a nearby district but we cannot disclose more at the moment as it could alert them. They come on bikes to Patna, take chances and indulge in one or more snatchings before going back, to return again after a few days. It lies to be seen whether the same gang was behind all the snatchings that took place in Patna recently.It’s unlikely,” another police officer said.

He further said: “The man involved in the Rupaspur incident has been identified but we are not arresting him yet. His movements are being tracked and the police are waiting for him to lead us to the kingpin, from a different district. Nothing more can be said other than this,” another police officer said.

Sources said the police had identified one man involved in the Gandhi Maidan incident. “He is from Pirbahore police station area. Only arrests need to take place now,” a policeman added. However, in the case of a snatching incident in Boring Road area under SK Puri police station, the police still have nothing to show.

“The pictures of the accused, recorded in CCTV cameras, have been circulated in all police stations of Patna so that the men can be identified. In addition to this, the informers have also been alerted and attempts to identify them are going on. The police have not met with success yet. However, attempts are on and they will be nabbed soon. From the CCTV footage it is apparent that the men were following the lady who had gone to a grocery shop,” the police officer said. The same modus operandi seems evident in the Gandhi Maidan incident too. The police already have pictures of the criminals thanks to CCTV images. Just the arrests need to take place now, the police officer said.

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