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Monday , March 10 , 2014
CIMA Gallary


TT: Elections are upon us and the model code of conduct is in place. In a nutshell, what activities by political parties would be a violation of the code?

Soan: Announcement of any new scheme, freebies, any assurance by politicians or candidates etc.

How can we citizens become the ECís eyes and ears?

Anyone can complain to the EC against any illegal activity

Given the number of local editions of English and vernacular newspapers, as also news television channels, how can paid news be monitored ?

We have formed a committee, which has already started keeping eye on news appearing in various print and electronic media

Will the EC take note of a common manís complaint against paid news?

Definitely, EC has an all-India toll free number (1950) that citizens can dial to register complaints

Many have voter ID cards, but their names are missing from the voter list. Is there any hope for them?

Yesterday (March 9), citizens got a final chance to go to their booths and check if their names are missing or not

Does the EC have any provision to guide first-time voters?

We are already running a systematic voters education and electoral participation programme called SVEEP, a first-time initiative

What basic facilities would be available at polling booths?

Drinking water, shaded area,etc.

Will there be arrangements for wheelchairs and ramps for senior citizens at polling booths?

Yes, there would be special arrangements for senior citizens

If a senior citizen isnít in a position to enter the polling area on her own, ideally, who should escort her to the secure area?

Usually a relative is allowed to enter the area. But the casting of vote is done by the senior citizen on her own

There are certain illegal practices, often done on the day of polling, like providing incentives or gifts. Who can be informed of such offers on voting day?

Anyone can lodge a complaint with the EC