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Friday , March 7 , 2014

Sallu Bhai ka chota bhai

He tucks his gold-rimmed shades in the back collar of his shirt, just like Sallu Bhai. He likes to flex his plump arms showing off his ‘muscles’, just like Sallu Bhai. He likes to make an entry on his toy bike, just like Sallu Bhai and hi...  | Read.. 
A club with a social agenda
A three bigha ground on Andul Road would perpetually lie under knee-deep water during the monsoon months and even afte ...  | Read.. 
Creativity, name of the game
A fusion of Chhau, Kathakali and Odissi dance choreographed by Pintoo was performed to Ranvir Kapoor’s Badtameez Dil ...  | Read.. 
Another Kom in the making
Mary Kom is not her idol. She had watched Kom play for the first time in her last match in the 2012 Olympics and was disappoi ...  | Read.. 
Its time for utsav at Dumurjala
After a brief interval of about a month, Dumurjala Stadium is buzzing again with people. Lights illuminate the stadium as gat ...  | Read..