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Saturday , March 1 , 2014
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Health hub director sets goals for progress

- New courses, facility upgrade on priority list

Starting superspeciality courses like doctor of medicine (DM) and master of chirurgical (MCh) is one of the top priorities for Dr N.R. Biswas, the new director of Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS).

The former professor in the pharmacology department of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, Biswas joined as the director of IGIMS on Wednesday.

“IGIMS was set up as a superspeciality hospital but still super-speciality courses like DM and MCH have not been started in many departments. Starting DM course in neurosurgery, cardiology, nephrology and MCH course in neurosurgery, paediatric surgery and gastroenterology would be among my top priorities. I also want to start the renal transplant facility , which is a long-awaited dream of the hospital. The catheterisation laboratory and MRI machine are being installed. I would ensure that process doesn’t take too much time,” said Biswas.

He added that he was planning to start the histocompatibility test too. “Histocompatibility is a test which confirms whether the donor’s body would accept or reject the kidney. Kidney transplant can’t be started without this test. We have not decided whether we would borrow consultants from AIIMS-Delhi or not for starting this test.”

Sources said that Biswas’s appointment as IGIMS director against 31 other contenders was considered a positive decision taken by the state government as his past track record was impressive.

“Before joining AIIMS-Delhi in 2012, Biswas was working as the Government of India adviser at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal. During his two-year term, Biswas started super-speciality courses like MS and MD in nine departments at the hospital. He improved the infrastructure of the medical college and also started master of dental surgery course,” said a source.

IGIMS doctors seemed impressed with the new director. Dr Ashok Kumar of the neuro-medicine department, said: “The director has told us that he wants to start super-speciality courses in various departments, which is a good sign. We have pinned high hopes on him.”

Dr Manish Kumar, head of gastrointestinal surgery, said: “The new director has called one-on-one meetings with the heads of all departments. He has told the departmental heads that he would like to know about the needs of particular departments and the new initiatives they would like to take to upgrade those. I find that a very positive attitude.”

Sources said in view of the Medical Council of India’s surprise inspection, Biswas has cancelled the leaves of all doctors and employees of the hospital but no one seems angry with the decision.

“I think the director has taken the correct decision. Last time, when an MCI team inspected the institution, it had pointed out a lot of anomalies,” said Dr Manish.