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Garo outfits in war of words

Tura, Feb. 26: The war of words between the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) and the newly formed outfit A’chik Songna An’pachakgipa Kotok continues.

In a statement today, the GNLA hit out at the Kotok’s commander-in-chief Reding T. Sangma.

GNLA’s political secretary Bikdot N. Marak said the main reason for the split in the faction was greed for money.

Marak said, “Nokma (village head) of Balpakram was donating Rs 5 crore, which they refused to take. However, Reding insisted on taking the money, which led to the rift.”

Balpakram is a national park in South Garo Hills, along the India-Bangladesh border.

Bikdot alleged that Reding floated the new outfit as he had limited powers to exercise in the GNLA as its grievance secretary.

“Reding had ulterior motives, so he floated this new outfit, ASAK. This is moral turpitude,” said Bikdot.

The statement also described Reding as “envious” and “jealous”.

Bikdot said the GNLA holds general assembly session, where in budget and expenditure of money were discussed and formalised.

The GNLA has blamed Reding and his brother, Benhur T. Sangma, for engineering a grenade blast in Tura Supermarket last year.

Bikdot said, “He planned the blast on his own, without seeking permission from GNLA’s military affairs committee.”

Reding floated the A’chik Songna An’pachakgipa Kotok (ASAK), which means “vanguards of Garoland” recently.