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Tuesday , February 25 , 2014
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ABC of Autocorrect

It was first introduced as a part of Microsoft Word ’97 in the year 1998 to highlight typos and predict the next best match of a word. And then, of course, with the advent of smartphones and tablets, it became something everyone used while texting. Today, there are many blogs and websites that compile the best autocorrected SMS screenshots submitted by users. Some of the sites you can check out for the most embarrassing autocorrects are and


A feature built into many modern phones, which automatically changes unrecognised words to their closest matches, if any exist. Of course, on occasion it will select the wrong word, usually changing the original meaning of the sentence completely.

The grammar troll that lives in your iPhone messaging app and converts your ordinary, well-meaning words into unintentional and embarrassing ones when you’re not looking.

Autocorrect is good, but sometimes, shit hits the fan whenever you text. Sometimes, you type in “bigg”, then it autocorrects it into “bug”. So, say that a man was gonna text his friend, “I like bigg butts and I cannot lie!” When he sends it, it gets autocorrected and turns into, “I like bug butts and I cannot lie!” Then there’s some funny convo between the recipient and the sender.


DAMN YOU, AUTOCORRECT! here are some text messages — FROM RISQUE TO ROFL — doing the rounds online. READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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