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Tuesday , February 25 , 2014
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As much as she tries, Kajol can’t shake off the firebrand tag. While she insists that age and motherhood have calmed her, patients at Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital didn’t see a very mellow Kajol recently. About 10 days ago, Kajol took her mother-in-law Veena Devgan to the hospital for a check-up. While waiting for their appointment, Kajol spent most of the time on her phone “barking instructions to her manager and household help and gossiping with a friend”, reveals an onlooker. “She was really loud with no regard for the patients around her. There were lots of old people with heart problems there. There is a certain etiquette one needs to follow in a hospital, but Kajol couldn’t be bothered,” adds the source.

Finally, when Kajol showed no signs of piping down, an elderly gentleman told her “either hang up or get out of the waiting area and talk”. Taken aback, Kajol went silent and sat quietly playing games on her phone as she waited for the doctor.


Bipasha Basu took many by surprise last week when she tweeted: “Stating the obvious! Yes, Harman and me are a couple. Finally I have met a person who is a far better human being than I am. Blessed”. The couple made their first public appearance at Jackky Bhagnani’s birthday party in December 2012 and have been inseparable since. According to her friends, Bipasha decided finally to acknowledge their relationship publicly only after she became more comfortable around Harman’s parents, producer-director Harry Baweja and wife Pammi. “The Bawejas weren’t very happy with the relationship earlier but Pammi seems to have warmed towards Bipasha in the last few months. After ignoring Bipasha’s presence in Harman’s life, Pammi now can’t stop gushing about how sweet she is,” says a friend of Pammi’s. While there has been talk of Harman and Bipasha tying the knot in end-2014, the source insists that’s unlikely. “Harman still needs to establish his career.” Well, Harman and Bipasha better keep all their fingers crossed for his next release Dishkiyaoon then.


They were rivals at the peak of their career but when a producer signed these two 40-something actresses, he didn’t account for all the headache he would have to endure because of jealousy. While the actress playing the title role is very secure in her role and performance, her former beauty queen co-star continues to be jittery. She’s already seen the film three-four times before release and suggested changes in the edit. While that’s not uncommon, the actress shocked everyone by taking photos of the papers where her suggestions were noted down. When someone from the crew laughingly asked her why she was doing so, the actress replied: “So the director doesn’t go back on his word.” Ouch!

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