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Tuesday , February 25 , 2014
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Piers Morgan quits CNN show

New York, Feb. 24: Three years after he launched himself on an unsuspecting American public as a prime-time interrogator of politicians and celebrities, Piers Morgan has admitted defeat in the nightly ratings battle and plans to step down from his CNN show.

The former tabloid editor, who has transformed himself into a cable news personality, said that dwindling viewing figures and an anti-gun campaign that alienated a vast swath of his audience had led him to conclude that his show had “run its course”.

“It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” he said. “I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarising, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it.”

He said he hoped to move from the nightly slot to conducting interviews.

“I think I can credibly do news and the ratings reflect that, but it is not really the show that I set out to do,” he said. “There are all kinds of people who can do news here. I’d like to do interviews with big celebrities and powerful people, that are better suited to what I do well.”

He made the comments to David Carr, a media columnist for The New York Times, who felt that Morgan was guilty of snobbery in his efforts to take on the gun lobby.