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Sunday , February 23 , 2014

Doing the math

In August last year, I sat down with a journalist friend and played the election numbers game. This friend is the kind of man who has the the number of each state’s Lok Sabha seats by heart and we went through the ‘math’, as the Americans like to call it, to see how close Narendra Modi and the BJP ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Durga in school
Sir — Everyone speaks of the girl child. But what have we done for girls? Some schools admit girl ...  | Read.. 
Budget deal
Sir — On January 21, I travelled to Ahmedabad by Rajdhani in the two-tier air-conditioned coach and ...  | Read.. 
Different needs
Sir — The modern era has led to drastic changes in people. It has given birth to a new way of life ...  | Read.. 


There is something arresting about the image of the world’s most iconic footballer trying to cure his anxiety-prone ...   | Read..
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bullet Domestic fire
Even the solitude, I’ve actually grown to quite like... I do like the feeling of getting into my little car, knowing for the next couple of hours I’ll have only the roads, the big gray sky and my daydreams for company. — KAZUO ISHIGURO