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Friday , February 21 , 2014
Salt Lake

Ration shops on high tech route

The humble public distribution shop is getting ready for a new-age makeover. Some day in future, when you pick up your weekly quota of salt, sugar, soap or rice, your rationwallah will scan your smart card and the bar codes on the packets ...  | Read.. 
Subway solution for New Town pedestrians
If you shudder at the thought of crossing the Major Arterial Road during rush hour, respite is on the way. The authorities ...  | Read.. 
February 21 through Q&A
1. When was February 21 declared as International Mother Language Day? ...  | Read.. 
Hands that carve & play
He plays multiple instruments well enough to have recorded with illustrious singers. He has such a skilled way with wood that ...  | Read.. 
State stipend for girl students
When Masuda Khanam’s family could no longer afford her school fees, they decided to get her married. “Then I hear ...  | Read.. 
Petals & pots
The annual flower show of the Bidhannagar Horticultural Society which used to be held in block community halls had a new venu ...  | Read.. 
My Garden
Despite having a diligent gardener, Niranjan Saha spends his mornings with his plants. He inspects every leaf, checks the ...  | Read.. 
Theme: Feathered friends
We have been residents of IA Block for the past three decades. My interest in photography was born about two years back when ...  | Read.. 
Data collection for the digitisation process under way in IA Block and BJ Block. (Saradindu Chaudhury)