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Monday , February 17 , 2014

Indiana Jones of Genomics

Geneticist Stephen O’Brien is fascinated by cats. Ever since he joined Cornell University in the US to do his PhD in genetics in 1970, he turned to cats to explore the mysteries of human illness and evolutionary biology. Beginning with a tabby house cat (Felis catus), he’s delved ...  | Read.. 
Indiana Jones of Genomics
On a song
You may be 70 or 17, you may enjoy the haunting melody of Jim Reeves or the raucous lungi dance; here are two apps that will whet your appetite for music on your smartphone or computer. ...  | Read.. 
Beating the clock
Today’s world belongs to the young. They get the jobs, the accolades for their appearance, the attention. This has led to an obsession with pres ...  | Read..