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Rogue dog still at large

The stray dog, which has unleashed terror at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in the capital, is yet to be netted even as the victim count rose to 26 till Monday late evening.

However, only nine persons have been administered anti-rabies injection as doctors at the emergency ward claimed that the dog had not bitten all 26.

“Some persons received scratches while others hurt themselves when the dog chased them,” a doctor said.

A team of dog-catchers, which was sent by Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) to the hospital, drew a blank on Tuesday.

Although they had managed to catch a dog on Monday evening, it was not the canine that had run amok on the hospital premises and attacked 26 persons, including a doctor.

When the team returned on Tuesday morning to look for the dogs, including the so-called mad one, it realised that the canines were smarter than they had anticipated.

Roshan Kumar, a RIMS guard, pointed out that no dog was seen loitering around the hospital unlike other days.

A patient’s relative Vikas Kumar also expressed surprise.