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Saturday , February 8 , 2014

Russia: US crudely interfering in Ukraine

The tense Russian-American jockeying over the fate of Ukraine escalated yesterday as a Kremlin official accused Washington of “crudely interfering” in the former Soviet republic, while the Obama administration blamed Moscow for spreading an intercepted private conversation between t...   | Read..

Hijacking of Turkish jet to Sochi foiled

Turkish special forces seized a passenger who is suspected of making a bomb threat and trying to hijack a plane, demanding to go to the Winter Olympics venue of Sochi, CNN Tu...   | Read..

Protests rock Bosnia

Protesters across Bosnia set fire to government buildings and fought with riot police today as long-simmering anger over lack of jobs and political inertia fuelled a third da...   | Read..
A picture taken from a Taliban video shows a military dog that was captured by the militants in Laghman province, east of Kabul. According to the B ...  | Read
bulletWar bomb defused
bulletHoms pullout
bulletBali convict
bulletCairo blast

Violin found

A Stradivarius violin stolen last month from the concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra ...   | Read..

Japan deaf composer is neither

He was celebrated as a prolific musical genius whose compositions appeared in popular video gam...   | Read..