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Thursday , February 6 , 2014

Why the AAP still matters

One reason why the Aam Aadmi Party is of such consuming interest to politically engaged desis is that it seems committed to pluralism without making caste and community identities central to its politics. The Mandalization of Indian politics is a familiar theme and an important stage in the e...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Dismal state
Sir — Perhaps India’s humiliating 0-4 loss in the one-day internationals against New Zealand was ne ...  | Read.. 
Dangerous trends
Sir — The Park Circus-EM Bypass connector is one of Calcutta’s busiest thoroughfares. Huge numbers ...  | Read.. 


Of the many things that emerged out of the churning around the December 16, 2012 Delhi gang rape was a renewed concern about education, particularly about lessons in ...   | Read..


Since late last year, the Andhra Pradesh reorganization bill has moved fast — from the president to the Andhra Pradesh assemb...   | Read..
Too little, too late
Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi. Arvind Kejriwal. Manmohan Singh. A common platform. A common cause. Utopian? Not quite. It took ...  | Read.. 
An ill wind is blowing across Labhpur
A report compiled by the district and sessions judge on the alleged gangrape of a tribal woman in Subalpur, a village in Birbhum’s Labhpur area, was submitted to the Supreme ...  | Read.. 
To use the past to justify the present is bad enough — but it’s just as bad to use the present to justify the past. — AMITAV GHOSH