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Sunday , February 2 , 2014
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US role in local units

LaFave: Points to ponder

Calcutta, Feb. 1: A delegation representing the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is expected to visit the city in two months to interact with local companies here and identify areas of cooperation.

The US government agency, which provides economic and humanitarian assistance, works with the governments of other countries and private entities in areas such as environment, food security, agriculture and nutrition, reproductive health, education and access to clean energy and water.

An interaction with industry here will give the companies a holistic platform to explore activities related to corporate social responsibility.

“We have the head of USAID in New Delhi. He has gone to Mumbai and has plans to go to Hyderabad. But he has not been here. We are planning to get him here to talk to local companies and chambers about what USAID does and how potentially there can be an interest of cooperation. It will probably be in the next two months,” Helen LaFave, the US consul-general in Calcutta, today said on the sidelines of the third national executive council meeting of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce.

LaFave said there was a structured approach in place between the USAID and the Indian government to work together in designated sectors in different regions.