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Friday , January 31 , 2014
Salt Lake

Tug of sweets

It’s next to impossible to walk past a sweet shop in winter and not peep in. And once you’ve surveyed the Kachagolla and Jolbhora at a Bengali sweet shop or the Gajar ka Halwa at the local halwai’s, it’s even tougher to...  | Read.. 
Box bridge freed of occupants
Sabyasachi Bandyopadhyay of AL Block spent more than a year worrying about the safety of his neighbourhood. “Food stall ...  | Read.. 
Emotions in dance
Dance institute Twist N Turns, that has a centre in Salt Lake’s BF Block, put up its eighth annual day at EZCC on Decem ...  | Read.. 
Robots’ day out
A corner of Sector V turned into a battlefield this January — with robots squaring up against each other. An internatio ...  | Read.. 
Students defend Edward Snowden
Students of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kolkata Kendra (BVB), hosted a model United Nations meet at their campus recently. Titled ...  | Read.. 
Tagore tales in kantha
A bearded Rahmat walks by Mini’s window. Her father discovers the little girl speaking to Rahmat. The police lead Rahma ...  | Read.. 
Tug of sweets