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Thursday , January 30 , 2014

India club’s new name: Fragile Five

The long-running boom in emerging markets came to be identified, if not propped up, by wide acceptance of the term BRICs, shorthand for the fast-growing countries Brazil, Russia, India and China. Recent turmoil in these and similar markets has produced a rival expression: the Fragile Five....   | Read..

Obama ready to act alone

After five years of fractious political combat, US President Barack Obama declared independence from the Congress yesterday as he vowed to tackle economic disparity with ...   | Read..

Ukraine deal

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed his government today to honour its agreements to lend Ukraine $15 billion to Ukraine and cut the price of gas it sells to its cris...   | Read..
Pope Francis may already be a hero to the world’s downtrodden but at least one pop artist thinks he’s more than that. Move over Superman, it’s time fo ...  | Read
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