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Wednesday , January 29 , 2014
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Crores lost in garbage count

- Anomalies found in civic body audit

Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) is suspected to have suffered losses to the tune of Rs 1.19 crore between March 2010 and March 2013 because of illegitimate escalation in the quantity of per capita waste generation in the Bankipore circle.

Such revelation has been made in queries raised during an ongoing audit by the PMC finance and accounts department. The Bankipore circle has mentioned in its documents that the amount was spent in hiring extra tractors for waste collection and disposal.

In another strange revelation, the audit team found that the related documents show that drivers of the hired tractors ran the vehicles continuously for 14.45 hours daily. This in turn, is expected to have led to profits of Rs 56.10 lakh to the tractor suppliers.

The audit team has stated that according to a survey conducted by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), the per capita per day generation of waste in Patna amounts 370gm. According to the 2011 census, the population of Bankipore circle is 2,61,000. Thus, according to the CPCB’s estimate and the population, the total waste generation in this circle should amount to 96.57 tonnes daily.

However, the report submitted by the Bankipore circle office to the audit team mentioned that the daily waste generation amounted to 280 tonnes per day. “The audit team has raised query that on what grounds this amount of waste generation was calculated when there is no mechanism for weighing garbage in practice at the civic body. Moreover, as per the report, the per capita per day waste generation amounts to 1,073gm, which is in all likelihood more than the waste generated in any city across the world,” said a senior PMC official.

Regarding vehicles used for waste collection and disposal, the audit team stated that tractors and tippers owned by the Bankipore circle handled minimum 140 tonnes of garbage daily. “This much capacity to handle garbage was sufficient for the daily waste generation in the circle as per the survey of CPCB (96.57-97 tonnes). Still, more tractors were hired for carting away 71-191 tonnes of extra garbage daily from March 2010 to March 2013. Accordingly, Rs 58,52,639 was spent in hiring extra tractors and another Rs 60,11,824 was spent in refuelling them over the past three financial years,” said the PMC official. The audit team has stated that 20 tractors, three tippers and two earth-moving machines were used in the process.

There are 11 wards in the Kankerbagh circle and 12 wards in Bankipore and almost equal population in both the circles. The audit team has queried that despite similar demographic conditions in both wards, number of garbage disposal vehicle in Bankipore circle is almost twice than the Kankerbagh circle.

In another revelation, the audit had earlier this week stated that an amount of Rs 85.26 lakh was wasted on fuel for 66 municipal vehicles in the financial year 2012-13 because self-start and dynamo equipment were installed in them. Vehicles were started in the morning by pushing them and their ignition was left on for eight hours a day on an average because they lacked self-start facility.

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