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Sunday , January 26 , 2014
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SRK hairline fracture

Mumbai, Jan. 25: Shah Rukh Khan has a hairline fracture in his right shoulder, nothing “very serious”, according to a doctor.

The Bollywood superstar, who was injured on Thursday while shooting for Farah Khan’s Happy New Year, had an MRI on Friday night at Mumbai’s Nanavati hospital where he had been taken after the freak accident.

“It is not a major thing, just a little uncomfortable. A little rest sets it right, no plaster or any intervention is required,” said a top city doctor associated with the treatment.

An 80kg door had come off its hinges and brushed the actor as it crashed to the floor while Shah Rukh was shooting for a choreographed stunt as part of a dance sequence in the upcoming film.

The 48-year-old, who was shooting at JW Marriott hotel, was rushed to Nanavati hospital — a kilometre away — with cuts on his face and hand.

After first aid, he was taken to the physiotherapy centre of the hospital run by Dr Ali Irani whom SRK consults for the regular physio sessions he needs since the surgery on his right shoulder in May 2013.

Shah Rukh had been operated for a muscle tear then.

“On Thursday, it was the same shoulder that got injured. Though the CT scan performed at the time had seemed clear and SRK had been able to go home after a while, he contacted his doctors on Friday morning complaining about pain in the shoulder and left knee,” the doctor associated with the treatment said.

“We did an MRI on Friday which is a longer procedure. It indicated a tiny hairline fracture. It is not very serious and happens commonly on impact, a two-week rest should set him right.”

A CT scan and an MRI operate differently and are better suited for different types of diagnoses, a doctor explained. “An MRI is suited for examining soft tissue like ligament and tendon injury, spinal cord injury and brain tumours, etc., while a CT scan is better suited for bone injuries, lung and chest imaging and detecting cancers. CT scans are widely used in emergency rooms because the procedure takes less than five minutes. An MRI, on the other hand, can take up to 30 minutes,” said Dr Mitosh Ruparel, a top Mumbai radiologist.

“Though CT scan is more useful for injuries like Shah Rukh’s, we avoid doing it at quick successions as they use radiation. So an MRI is done when a CT scan has been done just before,” said the doctor associated with Shah Rukh’s treatment.

SRK has also hurt his left kneecap, but doctors say that too is nothing to worry about.