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Sunday , January 26 , 2014
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Martial arts mentor in row

Ranchi, Jan. 25: Loyola Convent School is conducting a probe against its taekwondo teacher for allegedly injuring an 11-year-old student, based on a complaint by the boy’s mother, but the teacher denied charge.

Today, the school suspended Amar Kumar, pending inquiry, its action coming a day after the Class V boy’s mother, Puja Bariar, approached the police. Kumar claimed the boy injured himself during class, that too not seriously. He also alleged Bariar, who runs a call centre at Singh More, confronted him yesterday along with her business partner and beat him up.

“An inquiry has been launched against the teacher after putting him under suspension as corporal punishment is banned and allegation of corporal punishment has been levelled against him,” school secretary Uma Shanker Prasad told The Telegraph.

Kumar said the school’s action was unjustified. “I never slapped the student. The student sustained a minor injury near his left eyebrow with his own nails when I was training the class in executing a side block around 11am,” he claimed, adding the boy was a “bit naughty” for his age.

“Three hours after the incident, his mother, accompanied by a friend, barged into school premises and beat me black and blue in the presence of several parents, teachers and students even though I pleaded innocence.

“I thought her ego would be satisfied after thrashing me. But she was not content. She asked the police to take action against me and threatened the school management of dire consequences in case it refused to take action against me,” Kumar claimed.

Asked why they assaulted the teacher, Bariar said her business partner, Abhinav Mishra, had done so.

“When I saw blood coming out from the left eye of the boy, I could not control my emotions and charged on the teacher,” said Mishra.

Doranda police officer-in-charge Lalan Thakur said they would conduct a probe on the allegations and counter- allegations and necessary action would be taken after ascertaining all the facts.