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Sunday , January 26 , 2014
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Cops: 4 men pinned down girl during rape

Subalpur (Birbhum), Jan. 25: Four men had pinned down the Birbhum girl initially as others, beginning with the morol (village head), took turns to rape her, police claim to have learnt while interrogating the complainant and the accused.

After being brutalised the second or third time following a kangaroo court’s order that she be gang-raped, the 20-year-old no longer had the strength to resist, the police said.

The police have arrested the 13 men who allegedly raped the girl on Wednesday because of her relationship with a man from outside her village of Subalpur.

The cops have recovered the clothes the girl wore. During raids on the homes of the accused, they also found some of the clothes the attackers had worn.

A forensic team from Calcutta that visited Subalpur today to collect samples such as body fluids from the alleged crime spot — the house of the morol — found an underwear that it suspects belongs to one of the accused. The experts also found a shawl and a gamchha. They collected samples from the girl, who is being treated at a hospital in district headquarters Suri.

An officer said: “The girl was held firmly by four men as the others took turns raping her. She said morol Balai Maddi was the first to brutalise her. It seems that after the second or third attacker raped her, she could no longer resist. She cannot clearly recollect how many people raped her.”

Another officer said the girl had earlier been tied to a tree on Balai’s courtyard. “When she wanted to relieve herself, she was untied and allowed to go to a nearby bush. Those at the salishi sabha, held to decide her ‘punishment’, stood guard nearby,” he said.

“After she was dragged back to the courtyard, the morol said she would be gang-raped.”

The officer refused to identify the four men who had pinned the girl down. Under the law, if more than one person other than the victim is present at the scene of an alleged rape, a case of gang rape is to be registered and all the accused charged with the crime.

Yesterday, the police had taken three accused — morol Balai, Sunil Kisku and Jalha Maddi — to the alleged crime scene to reconstruct the events leading to the gang rape.

“They showed us the spot on the floor where the girl had been sexually assaulted,” an officer said.

Another officer said all the 13 accused had confessed to tying up the girl. “But so far, only a few of them have admitted to raping her.”