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| Sunday, January 26, 2014 |

7 days

Big stars, small screens

Salman Khan and Kapil Sharma had better watch out — there's a new star on a new block. YouTube is spawning its own celeb list in India, says Hemchhaya De | Read»

A hot brew

Narendra Modi's chaiwallah antecedents may have been milked dry by the Bharatiya Janata Party, but he's not the first chaiwallah to gain fame. One's an author of 24 books, another's tea business is a case study at IIM, a third is a karate expert, Reena Martins points out | Read»

The dark side of Delhi

Acts of violence and discrimination against Africans are common in Delhi. African students tell V. Kumara Swamy of their experiences | Read»

Never say no to noir

The Jaipur literary festival saw the launch of the Crime Writers Association of South Asia. Crime writing is certainly picking up in India, says Smitha Verma | Read»

Spy meets spy

The intelligence chiefs of India and Pakistan should set up a direct channel between the two agencies — which is what participants at a seminar in Canada demanded. S.N.M. Abdi looks at how feasible this is | Read»