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Saturday , January 25 , 2014


In a small room in a plush Manhattan hotel, half a dozen journalists are waiting for one of the world’s most famous women to take the last empty seat at the table. Someone mutters darkly about female journalists being reduced to tears. “She doesn’t like women in general,” add...   | Read..

Mandela: long walk to freedom

Long Walk to Freedom, Justin Chadwick’s stately screen biography of Nelson Mandela, the British actor Idris Elba c...   | Read..

Jai ho: in the name of bhai

Jai Ho is Salman Khan’s most autobiographical film. According to the big soch of the movie, a remake of 2...   | Read..

Jai Ho

I am supposed to have lunch with my father and I am so very late. Let’s talk quickly,” says 43-year-old So...   | Read..


When you were a kid, what was your ultimate “one day if I’m rich I would...” fantasy?...   | Read..


The youth in the city seem to have fallen in love with their ladles and spices. Cooking has stopped being boring and crossed ...   | Read..

Club Sandwich

Couture, presented by The Calcutta Swimming Club, and partnered by t2, was an evening of fashion and fun by and for the membe...   | Read..


It began as a feast for South American cowboys on fireside roasts. And now it’s a popular part of the barbecue experien...   | Read..


Red for sexuality & yellow for creativity. t2 helps you pick from the palette with colour therapist rochie rana...   | Read..