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Naga women protest assault

Kohima, Jan. 23: Thousands of women today took out a rally in protest against sexual assault on a pregnant woman by four persons, including a woman, on January 17 in Kohima.

The rally that started from High School Junction ended at deputy commissioner’s office where the protesters submitted a memorandum demanding severe punishment to the accused.

Men also joined the rally.

According to sources, police have already arrested three accused but the protesters demanded the arrest of a woman who is the main accused.

The Chiechama Women Society said on January 17 around 3pm, Nganuo Kelhoukreinuo Pienyu, a woman of Kohima village, accompanied by three youths from Nerhema village — Ruokuokhozo Kiewhuo, Neikielhoulie Chatsu and Ruokuotou Vimerha — came to Kenuozou colony in Kohima and abducted a woman, wife of a resident of Chiechama village, from her residence. She was sexually assaulted near the Nagaland secretariat.

Nganuo is the former wife of the resident.

The women’s society said with the help of three youths, Nganuo cut the victim’s hair, tore apart her garments, scratched her face and smeared her face with chilli powder. She also stabbed the woman, who was two-months pregnant, in the stomach with a scissor.

The four accused also rubbed chilli powder on the private parts of the victim after which she fainted.

After the assault, the four accused brought back the victim to Kenuozou colony, disrobed her and dragged her out of the car. They called residents of the colony to come out and look at the victim, accusing her of being a “prostitute”.

“All these acts were committed simply for the reason that the woman is now living with Metha who was the former husband of Nganuo Kelhoukreinuo Pienyu. Metha and Nganuo are divorced and they have even distributed their properties,” president of the society, Lahienuo Metsie-o, said.

The society also urged men to ensure women’s security.

“The Chiechama Women’s Society is saddened by the inhuman treatment meted out to our member by another woman. We are at pain to see young men who hitherto, in our society, are looked upon as brothers who protect women, commit such sadistic acts,” she added.

Of late, there have been several reports of sexual assaults on women in the state. Thousands of women from nearby villages including, Kohima village and Nehrema joined the protest rally. The rally was supported by youth organisations.

Deputy commissioner Honje Konyak has assured the protesters of awarding a befitting punishment to the accused persons.