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Tuesday , January 21 , 2014
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Cops suspect overdose, wait for specifics

Sunanda Pushkar’s son Shiv Menon and (right) Shashi Tharoor in Haridwar. (PTI)

New Delhi, Jan. 20: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences today submitted the report on the autopsy findings on Sunanda Pushkar’s body to a sub-divisional magistrate, but neither doctors nor investigators were prepared to share its details.

“The report is sealed and I will submit my report to police by tomorrow afternoon. I cannot disclose it to anybody else,” said Alok Sharma, the SDM who is probing the case and is expected to submit his inquiry report to police for further course of action.

“We’ve submitted a confidential report to the SDM — we have no additional information to share for now,” an AIIMS spokesperson said. Senior doctors who had conducted the autopsy did not respond to phone calls.

Police said the report has ruled out the presence of alcohol but stated that there were some injury marks on her hands but these injuries could not explain the death.

Pushkar was found dead on Friday night in a suite of Leela Palace hotel that she was sharing with her husband, Union minister Shashi Tharoor.

Police investigators today hinted that she may have died of an overdose of certain medications, but added that things would become clear only after the detailed autopsy report was read.

A forensic medicine specialist said the planned toxicological studies on tissue samples from Pushkar’s body preserved by the AIIMS team will try to piece together the substances she had consumed hours to days before she died.

Scan of hotel footage

Delhi police today scanned the CCTV footage of Leela Palace to check Pushkar’s movements and found that she never came out of her room after January 16, reports PTI.

According to the video footage of the corridor outside her suite, she was last seen in the hotel lobby on January 16 when she had come to attend a phone call. After that, she did not emerge, sources said.

The police met experts of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory and discussed the toxicological analysis and a complete visco-pathological examination. They also accessed Pushkar’s Twitter account and checked her tweets.