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Monday , January 20 , 2014

Picnic truck topples on Setu

The overturned truck on Vidyasagar Setu

A mini-truck carrying 30 picnickers, mostly women and children, overturned on Vidyasagar Setu around 8am on Sunday, leaving 23 people injured.

Witnesses said the passengers were flung off the vehicle, some of them landing on the footpath.

“At the sight of the Hooghly, almost all the picnickers moved to the left of the vehicle for a better view of the river, disturbing the balance of the truck,” said a witness.

The vehicle toppled when the driver took a sharp left turn at a curve.

“We were taking pictures of the Hooghly on our cell phones when the vehicle suddenly turned sideways. I was flung off the truck and almost ended under it,” said Pinki Das, who suffered cuts on her throat and bruises on her legs.

The picnickers were taken to SSKM Hospital, from where 22 of them were discharged after first-aid.

Tinku Mondal, 28, was admitted with an ankle sprain and chest and face injuries.

Police said the group from Bishnupur, on the southern fringe of the city, was heading for a picnic spot at 58-Gate near Uluberia, in Howrah.

“The truck was moving at high speed. Some of the passengers said it was overtaking a car from the right when the accident occurred. The driver is absconding. We are looking for him,” said an officer of Hastings police station.

After the accident, traffic movement on the Howrah-bound flank of the flyover was disrupted for 45 minutes.