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Thursday , January 16 , 2014
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Ridhima and her Rufu

t2 meets Ridhima’s ‘best friend’ — Rufus

Sometimes he is Babli. Or Bunny. Or Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Milkha Singh. What doesn’t change is his relationship status in actress Ridhima’s life. Here’s Ridhima’s three-year-old Labrador Rufus in her words.

I think he is my life...

Rufus was around 20 days old when we got him, right after I got done with my college exam. I got to know from a friend that he knew of somebody whose Labrador had had puppies. I wanted a fawn male Lab. Rufus was one of the three male Lab puppies. He came running to me, dived into my lap and just sat there. I knew I had to take him home. I got very emotional. And from that day, I have been a mom to him.

I used to make Cerelac six times a day for him. I used to get up at 6am to give him his medicines because puppies need that. My mom was shocked! Rufus has sobered down now. There was a point when he used to drive us all crazy. He just gets too excited! And he always wants to jump on them and play with them.

Rufus is the king of my para right now…

Rufus loves going for walks. I have noticed that when he goes for his walk, all the stray dogs in the para (Hindustan Park) run away and hide. The boys, who play cricket, quickly hide the balls because Rufus takes them. He is very possessive when it comes to me. Sometimes he doesn’t allow my mom to come into the room and sit on my bed!

And he is a foodie...

He loves peanut butter, so I bake peanut butter cookies for him. He has chicken, rice and vegetables cooked together for his meals. He has boiled egg twice a week with toast and papaya for breakfast. Otherwise he has papaya and toast for breakfast. He is very British that way! He also loves apple, laddoo, vanilla ice cream and probiotic yogurt. He loves his bones. I get his big bones when I go to LA.

He hates IT when we go on holidays...

He knows the word ‘suitcase’. Once he peed on the suitcase! When I come back from holidays, for a couple of hours, he doesn’t give me patta. He will not let you touch him! In dog years, he is 21 and I am looking for a bride for him.

I pamper him...

I wanted to buy him a tuxedo when I had gone to LA. He has a trainer. So, he will do a lot of tricks in front of him. He can dribble and also walk backwards but he doesn’t do all those things if I tell him. He will sit and shake hands and bow.

It is very difficult for me to imagine life without him…

There are times when you want to be alone yet confide in somebody. If I tell Rufus something, he will understand. He just keeps looking and then when you hug him, you feel that warmth or comfort. He is closest to me at home. Even if I come at three in the morning, he will wait for me near the gate. Even if he just lying beside me, I know he is there. He is the best gift I have ever got. Oh god, I am getting emotional! He is my best friend. He will never backstab me or hurt me and will unconditionally love me even if I don’t talk to him for a whole day!

As told to Saionee Chakraborty