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Wednesday , January 15 , 2014
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Rahul hints that he is willin’

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Jan. 14: Rahul Gandhi has indicated that he is willing to take up any responsibility the Congress assigns him amid confusion about how exactly he will be projected as the future leader.

In an interview to a Hindi daily, Rahul said the Prime Minister candidate would be decided by elected representatives if the party got the mandate to rule, but added he would not run away from any responsibility seniors gave him.

To repeated questions on prime ministership, he wondered why the entire discussion centred around a post. “My family has never been ambitious or greedy about power. Not even my dad (Rajiv Gandhi) or my grandmother (Indira Gandhi),” he said.

“See, I am an active worker of the Congress party. I will follow whatever orders the party asks me to follow. I will do whatever the Congress party wants me to do. I am only concerned about why the entire argument comes to standstill over the issue of a ‘post’. Why is it being debated at the national level? Why don’t people debate about steps to clean politics? No one is willing to talk about how we can clean up the dirt in politics.”

Asked about the possibility of a greater role for sister Priyanka, he said: “Apart from being my sister and a dear friend, Priyanka is also an active worker of the Congress. And for these reasons alone, she is helping us in making the organisation a strong and trusted political force. I don’t think she would take any other role in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.”