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Monday , January 13 , 2014
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Modern dentistry to help regain lost smile

- Doctors suggest flap surgery to cure problems, stress on latest line of treatment

A flap surgery can assure a quick fix if pyrrhoea is giving you sleepless nights.

Experts at the 5th annual conference of Indian Dental Association organised at Adhiveshan Bhavan on Sunday deliberated on how flap surgery could be a fitting reply to purulent inflammation of gums and tooth sockets that often lead to loosening of the teeth, in short, pyrrhoea.

Those who are suffering from pyrrhoea and have tried root canal treatment and antibiotics, there are chances of cent per cent recovery after a flap surgery.

“Earlier, there was no proper treatment for pyrrhoea. Most of the patients ended up removing their teeth and used artificial ones. Today flap surgery has become very effective. It involves cleaning the root of the affected tooth and repairing the damaged bone caused by pyrrhoea,” said Dr Abhishek Verma, a member of the Patna branch of Indian Dental Association at the concluding day of the conference.

He added that dentists based in Patna are practicing flap surgery for the past three years. “Earlier, people used to visit Delhi or Calcutta to get a flap surgery done. There is cent per cent chances of recovery after a flap surgery,” he said.

Noted dentists from across the country, including Delhi-based Kuber Sood and Sunil Bhargav and Calcutta-based Sankalp Thaparia participated in the conference.

They spoke about the latest line of treatment available in dentistry. “Many feel awkward while talking about the gap between two teeth, a condition which is called diaestemas. But latest treatment can address the problem. There are implants that can fill the gap. These days we use titanium implants to fill the gap between teeth. This works wonders,” Verma said.

Abhinav Singh, another member of the Patna branch of Indian Dental Association, spoke on single sitting root canal treatment available in Patna.

“Earlier, patients used to come for five-six sittings to undergo root canal treatment. Today, root canal treatment can be done in a single sitting.

Like other sophisticated treatments, single sitting root canal treatment was not available in Patna three to four years ago but now it is available. The number of specialist doctors in the field of dentistry has also increased. Four years ago, the city had very few dental specialists. Now, we have at least 45 dentists, who have specialisations in periodontology, orthodontology, endodontology among others.

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