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Wednesday , January 8 , 2014

Patriots and the game

two World Wars, a number of wars of other dimensions, revolutions, revolutions which some chose to describe as counter-revolutions, movements for national liberations and the positive or negative, awe-inspiring advance in science and technology leading to nuclear fission, the Bomb and its sequels, ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Travel plans
Sir — The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation’s New Year gift to cine fans — the unveiling ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — The formalities for the identification of citizens of Calcutta’s Ward 93 for the Aadhaar card ...  | Read.. 


A modern democracy in which important matters of governance have to be compelled and supervised by the judiciary needs to sum...   | Read..


Things have never looked the same in Iraq since 2003, when the United States of America suspended its war on terror in Afghan...   | Read..
Keeping the money safe
The government — both at the Centre and at the state level — allocates thousands of crores of rupees for the uplift of the Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs). U...  | Read.. 
Legal FAQs
Q: Within six months of my sister’s marriage in 2006 her husband and in-laws began harassing and beating her up on demands of more dowry. Recently she fell very ill. When my p...  | Read.. 
Most reckless things are beautiful... recklessness is what makes experimental art beautiful, just as religions are beautiful because of the strong possibilities that they are founded on nothing. — JOHN ASHBERY