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Tuesday , January 7 , 2014
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Koffee with Karan

Despite the fake accent and the disturbing pout, Priyanka Chopra was oh-so-bindaas on Sunday night’s episode, with new BFF Deepika Padukone for company. Kareena Kapoor to Shahid Kapoor, PC took on everyone with a smile even as Deepika played it safe, not even willing to name the better actor between ex Ranbir Kapoor and current beau Ranveer Singh!

Here’s what we loved from the PC-DP koffee with KJo...


On her friendship with Deepika

Deepika and I have always got along. We may not be 4 ’clock buddies, but we are close. She’s super funny and a cool chick. She’s had a phenomenal year (2013) and I think she really needs to be given credit for that. She has been amazing in her films.

On admitting for the first time that she was seeing Shahid Kapoor

Karan Johar: What happens when you bump into your exes… what happens when you meet Shahid? Priyanka: It’s all cool… we are in the same industry. I am fine… with him. We met sometime ago when his last film was about to release… (pauses) I met him at your party!

On the kind of man she wants

Priyanka: I want to be insecure about my guy. If I am not insecure about him, it means I don’t want him enough.

Karan: So you don’t want to date an actor because they do tend to have their eye on pretty girls....

Priyanka: Actors are too busy looking at themselves!

On dealing with heartbreak

I hate heartbreaks! I can’t deal with them… I become a zombie. I have to be told what to do all the time… I become robotic. When I am in that space, I am not the best person to be around with.

The rapid-fire round

Karan: React in one word to Shahid...

Priyanka: Gandi baat!

[She followed it up with a <poof> sign (the message: “Vanish into thin air, Shahid.” Ouch! )]

Karan: One word for Kareena Kapoor?

Priyanka: Happily ever after!

Karan: Truth or dare from Ranbir Kapoor?

Priyanka: I would ask him to tell me the truth about ‘Kats’ and dogs!


On Ranveer Singh

Karan: So you are saying you are not in love with Ranveer?

Deepika: No!

Karan: Who’s the better kisser on screen — Ranbir, Ranveer or Saif?

Deepika: Ranveer

On warding off unwanted attention from male co-stars

Deepika: I just smile… a dumb smile like I haven’t understood what they mean.

Karan: And on BBM?

Deepika: I send a smiley… the small one!

On the RK tattoo (for former flame Ranbir Kapoor) on the nape of her neck

It should come off sometime soon.

The rapid-fire round

Karan: An alternative career for Kareena Kapoor?

Deepika: She should start a charity… (Kareena had claimed that by refusing Ram-Leela she gave it in “charity” to Deepika).

Priyanka or Deepika, who did you like more on Koffee? Tell