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Tuesday , January 7 , 2014
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Dress code for Jusco cleaners

Tata Steel subsidiary Jusco has now come up with a dress code for members and staff participating in shramdaan under Zimmedar Nagrik, Zimmedar Shahar, a six-month-old campaign launched to instil civic sense among Jamshedpur residents.

On Sunday, men clearing garbage from Jubilee Park were seen in white T-shirts with the words “Zimmedar Nagrik, Zimmedar Shahar” written in green on the back. They also sported a white cap with a green visor and a blue logo of the campaign. Women participating in the drive wore caps just like their male counterparts and a red sash with the campaign’s name written in white on it.

Jusco sources said launching the dress code was aimed at ingraining the campaign in the minds of the masses.

“Usually, people feel that it is Jusco’s duty to clean litters at public places. However, once they see the voluntary members, who include executives of Tata group of companies, cleaning litter in uniform, they would feel embarrassed and think twice before dirtying public places,” said Jusco spokesperson Rajesh Rajan.

He added that anyone can participate in the voluntary activity by following the dress code.

“We believe this kind of branding helps create a sense of belonging among masses. So far, the campaign has been restricted to Jusco employees and their relatives. We hope this move will inspire the general public to join the drive that is aimed at making the city a better place to live in,” said the Jusco spokesperson.

Shanker Agarwal, a Sakchi-based trader and regular morning walker at Jubilee Park, was pleasantly surprised to see the 50-odd uniformed cleaners at the 237-acre green lung.

“People in uniform wielding brooms and cleaning leftovers evoked good response from morning walkers. People have suddenly become more conscious against littering public places,” he said.

Jusco spokesperson Rajan said the exercise would be soon extended to commercial hubs of Sakchi and Bistupur and residential areas in Dhatkidih. Nearly 40 flat complexes across the city, which are maintained by Jusco, will also get a thorough sweep.

Jusco had used school students to clear picnic leftovers at Jubilee Park on January 2 to embarrass the public. It has plans to involve them in future activities too.