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Saturday , January 4 , 2014
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Twin cities on desperate clean-up missions
Jusco turns wasteland into lush green turf

Sweet fragrance and not the usual obnoxious stink may soon waft across as you pass by the garbage dump in Bhuiyandih.

Jusco, which looks after the civic amenities in Tata Steel command areas in Jamshedpur, has embarked on a mission to convert a 3.5-acre dumpyard in Bhuiyandih into a green turf that will especially cater to senior citizens, children, fitness freaks and sports lovers.

The move is expected to keep encroachers, who used to eye the vacant area to set up illegal cattle sheds, at bay too.

The Tata Steel subsidiary took the first step on Friday with construction work kicking off. The ambitious Rs 50 lakh-plus project, billed as the second largest park project taken up by Jusco in recent times, is set for completion in March. Nildih Park, built in 2012, is the largest.

“We had been receiving requests from residents to do something about the wasteland, which was used as a garbage dump and was encroached upon by cattle shed owners. On top of this, the area was a breeding zone for mosquitoes. After speaking with Dhalbhum subdivisional officer Prem Ranjan, we started construction,” said Jusco general manager (town services), Dhananjay Mishra.

The park will be one-of-its-kind in the steel city with an exclusive corner for senior citizens. Benches and reclining chairs of wrought iron will help the elderly relax.

For those looking for a lawn to do yoga and other asanas, the cemented platforms are the perfect option.

This apart, there will be a walking track nearly 300 metres long. Fitness equipment like parallel bars, single bars, Roman Rings and pull-up bars, will come up too. A volleyball court is also on the cards.

“We decided to install fitness gear to help youths prepare for army and police recruitment tests,” Mishra added.

If senior citizens and the young are getting all the attention, the little ones have reasons to cheer as well. The children’s corner will have different types of rides such as slides, swings and climbers.

Jusco officials hoped that the manicured lawn with 30 benches on the sides and beautiful landscape with flowering plants on the flanks would make the park a hot spot.

But beautiful panorama and serenity alone will not ensure footfall. Safety is the prime concern nowadays.

Thus, Jusco officials have decided to put up high-mast lights at the middle of the park in addition to the lamps on the sides of the walkways to ensure that the area is well lit.

But if Jusco is converting a wasteland into a green lung, it must ensure that the residents have a place to dump their garbage, too.

Three dustbins have been put up outside the under-construction park. Jusco staff will empty the bins regularly.

The civic body officials said they would form a society, comprising local residents, who will look after the upkeep and security of the park and co-ordinate with Jusco before taking up any repair work.

Once open, it will be the seventh park constructed by Jusco since 2011. The other six are at Nildih, Golmuri, Sonari, Kagalnagar, Kadma and Shastrinagar.