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Wednesday , January 1 , 2014

PM for ‘new beginning’

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said in his greetings to the nation that the new year provided “an opportunity to reassess ourselves, taking corrective action and setting new goals”....   | Read..

Bengal boy takes over as IAF chief

A boy from Baidyabati in Hooghly district today took over as the 24th head of the Indian Air Force....   | Read..

India after Nehru

In the garden behind Teen Murti House there is a shaded bit of ground under a banyan tree. Here three flames burn, their flicker bright in the grey winter afternoon. In the fr...   | Read..


Given the state of the party, 2014 may bring little cheer for the CPM. If anything, it may mark a new low with the party’s — and the Left’s — tally fro...   | Read..

Long War, India’s too

breach the Turkish defences on the flat plains of Sannaiyat in Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq....   | Read..
PM for ‘new beginning’
Nation Briefs
bullet Land act in force
bullet Party order
bullet Heater death
bullet Riots panel

Nanny tax scan on US

US ambassador to India Nancy Powell today regretted the “circumstances” of Devyani ...   | Read..

AAP power perk in 48-hour countdown

Arvind Kejriwal’s government today halved power tariffs for consumers who use up to 400 u...   | Read..

The bhadralok goes to war

In quiet parties in officers’ messes of the Indian Army, derision often marks the idea of the Bengali soldier. The Beng...   | Read..

Your life in a pocket

Last month, a smartphone linked to a constellation of satellites in Earth orbit smoothly guided a visitor to a wedding venue ...   | Read..

The sisters are doin’ it

The just passed year saw women swarm literary honours lists and bag top management posts like never before. But bizarrely, th...   | Read..

Srini, Vidi, Vici

In a year many heavyweights from politics and cricket to Bollywood and the media bled under the bludgeonings of fate, one man...   | Read..

Perfect landing (or stunt) but a nice metaphor for New Year

A four-seater Cessna amphibious plane landed on National Highway 69 in Betul, Madhya Pradesh, in rough weather on Tuesday mor...   | Read..

Lalu calls on Sonia

Lalu Prasad was today offered hope but no concrete assurance of an electoral alliance with the Congress when he called o...   | Read..