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| Sunday, November 24, 2013 |

7 days

No means No

Sexual harassment is not exactly new in India. But the Tehelka magazine episode caps a tsunami of protests this year over the molestation of women in India. The Telegraph looks at what has changed this year to spark the uproar | Read»

The Rani's British admirer

Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark has authored several historical novels and biographies. The latest is Rani of Jhansi, published by Rupa. The earlier works of the 74-year-old author, who studied political science in Paris, include Crown Jewels of Britain and Europe, Sultana and The Empress of Farewells: | Read»

Singh vs Singh

The tussle between Bal Mohinder Singh, 86, and his son Jasminder Singh, 62, over their multi-million pound hotel empire would have been dismissed as yet another feud in a rich family had it not been for the case resting on Hindu joint family law. Shrabani Basu looks at the Mitakshara principle involved | Read»

Big test for little woman

As Delhi prepares to go to the polls, Sheila Dikshit, the state's three-time chief minister, may be facing her toughest challenge yet, says Smitha Verma | Read»