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Monday , November 4 , 2013

Live or let die?

For years, cancer biologist Sanjeev Das has been in hot pursuit of a molecule, a protein that goes by the name p53. Das, an associate professor at the National Institute of Immunology (NII) in New Delhi, knows that any clue as to how the protein takes certain decisions while inside a living cell can...  | Read.. 
Live or let die?
Smart phone
q+a I have bought a Samsung Galaxy Grand and this is my first smartphone. Do I need to install an anti-virus program? Can I read PDF files, do some work on Excel and edit images? I use Reliance 3G but when I use the Internet the phone shows ...  | Read.. 
Boys have it tougher
My daughter is normal but my son, who was born two years later, had defects in almost ...  | Read..