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Friday , November 1 , 2013

The fishermen’s Kali

Salkia Jeliapara 3rd By-lane is a narrow, nondescript lane in the heart of the town, which is home to over 50 fishermen families. At one time it used to be a thriving neighbourhood of 500 fishermen families, who bred rohu in local ponds and sold them...  | Read.. 
Rain spoils Kali Puja
Kali puja in Howrah has always been a grand affair with many of the clubs going for elaborate themes and concepts. But this y ...  | Read.. 
Oneupmanship as Howrah reels under water
Incessant rain for more than a week caused by depressions in the Bay of Bengal not just disrupted life in many parts of Howra ...  | Read.. 
The fishermen’s Kali