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Sunday , September 15 , 2013

Voyage of the cell

I knew when I received my first roadside call on a cellphone that this thing spelled trouble. The phone was a Motorola and it was a large brick of a monster, heavy enough to brain even a UP/Haryana cop, but that wasn’t its chief attraction. I could walk around the flat with it, but I could also do that with the much lighter wireless...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Heartless men
Sir — Hundreds of Indian cormorants, which had been nestling in a tree in front of the Alappuzha so ...  | Read.. 
Long way home
Sir — The news, “Vrindavan to Puja trip” (Sept 6), was heartening. It is good to know that 50 widow ...  | Read.. 
Eastern stars
Sir — The article, “Growth corridors, not conflicts, are the future” (Sept 3), by Subir Bhaumik was ...  | Read.. 


When Adam named all the beasts and all the birds, he bequeathed to his descendants a two-edged sword. Nothing should be allow...   | Read..
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