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Derek O'Brien

At the rate the rupee has declined, holidays abroad are going to pinch where it hurts: the purse. My fake optimism tells me to focus on domestic tourism. With the Tirupati Balaji temple attracting devotees, Andhra Pradesh has become the top tourist destination in the country, having attracted over 200 million domestic tourists last year. Even the Taj Mahal (UP) and the Ajanta-Ellora caves (Maharashtra) cannot match when Balaji beckons. The top five states in terms of number of domestic tourist visits are: Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. West Bengal currently comes in at number 10 and will look to improve that position in the next few years. Incidentally, Maharashtra attracts five million foreign tourists every year making it the most preferred destination for foreigners. Writing about tourism will get me nowhere...planning a desi holiday, will.

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1. After which god, who could look forward and backwards at the same time, is the month of January named?

Subir Pal, Calcutta

2. Which geographical region in the Pacific Ocean marks the area where the fast-moving Pacific Plate sub-ducts under the slower-moving Philippine Plate?

Gaurav Sinha, Asansol

3. The tongue of which animal can protrude up to more than two feet and is flicked up to 160 times per minute to catch 35,000 ants and termites a day?

Ritabrata Choudhury, Calcutta

4. In 1826, which scientist started a series of Christmas lectures for children at the Royal Institution — The Chemical History of a Candle being one among them?

Ashwini Pandit, Patna

5. Which ruler issued coins of silver weighing 178 grains, gold coins called the mohur, weighing 169 grains and copper coins called dam?

Shoma Chatterjee, Calcutta

6. Launched in 1960, what is the purpose of Resusci Anne, nicknamed 'the most kissed girl in the world'?

Debabrata Sen, Calcutta

7. Which part of the eye derives its name from the Greek word for rainbow?

Arko Ghosh, Calcutta

8. In which traditional art form is the outline drawn with a pen of charcoal sticks made from tamarind wood?

Mrinalini Biswas, Calcutta

9. Which human activity is divided into 'swing' and 'stance' phases, which are separated by heel-strike?

Sattwik Roy, Calcutta


    1. Identify this politician

    2. Identify this football player


The Andhra Pradesh Government is mulling a tie-up soon with Maharashtra for jointly developing and promoting tourist circuits in the two states, which have several common tourism features such as Buddhism and films.


According to mythology, which God is also known as Gangadhara and Chandrachuda as the Ganga and the moon reside on his head?

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Sattwik Roy, Calcutta

As per a survey, which school was judged as the 36th best school in Scotland?

The Answer is: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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1. Janus
2. Mariana Trench
3. Giant anteater
4. Michael Faraday
5. Sher Shah Suri
6. Mannequin, to practice life like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
7. Iris
8. Kalamkari painting
9. Walking


Andy Warhol


Kamal Nath


Olivier Giroud