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Thursday , September 5 , 2013
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Family bruised & bloodied in robbery

Anirban Ghosh, an assaulted family member. (Bibhash Lodh)

An elderly couple were among four members of a family brutally attacked with chisels, choppers and the butt of a crude gun in a robbery at their house in Sonarpur on Wednesday.

A gang of eight robbers entered the two-storey house on KM Roy Road around 3.15am, cutting open the iron grille of the kitchen window on the ground floor.

Ashok Ghosh, 71, a former schoolteacher, has been admitted to hospital with multiple head and facial wounds, including a blow with a blunt weapon above his left eyebrow. His 65-year-old wife, Bharati, has a fracture in her arm while their daughter-in-law Antara, 35, is being treated for a chopper wound on her head at a nursing home.

Ghosh’s son Anirban, a 45-year-old realtor, needed 15 stitches on his scalp.

The robbers spared Anirban’s nine-year-old daughter Ahiri assault, after sealing her mouth with sticking plaster.

They looted cash and jewellery worth more than Rs 1 lakh and left the house after tying up the bleeding family, who could alert their neighbours only after daybreak.

The gang ransacked every room of the house and prised open almirah locks after overpowering the family.

Anirban and his parents were sleeping in three rooms on the ground floor, while Antara and Ahiri were on the first floor.

He woke up hearing his father’s cries and saw three masked men outside his room. They rained blows on him until he fell down and then tied him up. “I tried to resist but they hit me with weapons,” he said.

Hearing the commotion on the ground floor, his wife and daughter started screaming. The robbers commanded Anirban to lead them to the first floor and on the way he saw his father lying unconscious in a pool of blood while his mother was bleeding from the elbow and writhing in pain.

They assaulted Anirban again on the first floor and when Antara blocked their way, they hit her with a chopper. The attack left a deep gash on her head.

Before leaving, they tied up Anirban with a rope and Antara with a bedsheet.

“The burglars left at 4am after almost an hour of mayhem. It was not until 5am that I was able to alert some greengrocers who were passing by our window,” Anirban said.

The greengrocers called the family’s next-door neighbour, Parimal Das, who alerted other residents of the locality.

Youths scaled water pipes to reach the second-floor veranda and rescue the wounded and shaken family.