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Tuesday , September 3 , 2013

Reading economic cards

In the fortnight beginning August 12, the rupee depreciated 12 per cent against the US dollar. That is quite steep. It made headlines; I got phone calls from friends asking what was going to happen to their country. No doubt, the prime minister got similar frantic calls. He rose from his seat and ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Fall collection
Sir — The rupee has witnessed its worst fall ever, dipping as low as 68 against the dollar. This ha ...  | Read.. 
Lost sheen
Sir — It is unfortunate that the game of cricket has ceased to be a gentleman’s game (“To p or not ...  | Read.. 


Too much land being used for farming and too many people surviving on it are the marks of a backward economy. A modern econom...   | Read..


The recent gas attack on the eastern suburbs of Damascus has had a strange effect. It has poisoned the political atmosphere i...   | Read..
A new lease of life
Next year, in February, the Indian Museum in Calcutta will celebrate its 200th year of existence. An iconic building with som...  | Read.. 
Growth corridors, not conflicts, are the future
The sabre-rattling in the Himalaya has been replaced by a cool optimism that India and China will not waste their energies over a desolate frontier where ‘not a blade of grass...  | Read.. 
What sort of philosophers are we, who know absolutely nothing of the origin and destiny of cats? — HENRY DAVID THOREAU