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Friday , August 30 , 2013

The grand ol’ building

It was after 20 years since the birth of Howrah Municipality that the need for a town hall was felt by its residents. Howrah People’s Association, a voluntary organi-sation, proposed the idea of building a town hall to the then District Magistr...  | Read.. 
The challenges of restoration
At a time when heritage and conservation experts in the city are splitting hairs over how to repair and restore the 300-year- ...  | Read.. 
Paintings restored, balcony repaired
The interiors of the Town Hall were badly damaged after the heavy barrel roof of the heritage structure came crashing in 2004 ...  | Read.. 
Down memory lane
Subhasish Bhattacharya, resident of Ramrajatala. ...  | Read.. 
Rathin Mitra’s sketch of the old Howrah Town Hall